Monday, September 21, 2015

Haus of Gloi Sweet Potato Treat Review

Brand: Haus of Gloi
Availability: Limited Edition/Reverie/Winter
Notes: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows

First impression out of bottle: Syrupy sweet squash with brown sugar

Freshly applied: Mmm coconut flakes, pecans, butter, brown sugar, and spice

Drydown: Same as first impression/fresh application, but with more sweet potato. Really smells like a sweet potato casserole, creamy purée under a crispy topping.

After several hours: The complexity of the brown sugar and nutty notes fades, and you end up with a nice, buttery spiced sweet scent. This turns more generic after a while, but the first few hours are great.

Longevity: High, but the ultimate drydown is a lot more simplistic than the initial one

Sillage: High, the spice notes are especially noticeable. 

Would an [X] lover love this? I think a spicy gourmand lover would really go for this. It's a tad unusual with the nuts and butter, so it's not just your average pumpkin spice type scent. However, it does fade into something more generic, so if you have a zillion fall spicy gourmands, this wouldn't be an absolute must.

Would an [X] hater love this? A spicy gourmand hater would probably dislike this quite a bit. I think it can come off as sickly sweet, and I don't believe there's much in here that would change your mind or surprise you if you hate these types of autumnal sweet scents.

Where am I? I'm toasting the topping for my aunt's sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving. I'm sneaking bites of the crunchy bits and using a spatula to smooth out the sweet potato purée before I pop it back in the oven.

Where would I wear this? I would wear this at Thanksgiving so I don't clash. No but really, I see this as a cozy, homey scent to wear in bed or while watching movies. I would wear this out and about on the weekend during the fall or winter. It's a bit too homey/rich for work, though I can see my coworkers going gaga for this scent.

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