Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cocoa Pink Blueberry Skies Review

Brand: Cocoa Pink
Availability: General Catalog Summer/Spring (N/A during Autumn/Winter)
Notes: Warm blueberry muffins atop luscious billows of vanilla custard cream clouds topped with crunchy, raw sugar crystals

First impression out of bottle:
 Syrupy blueberries at first, like homemade blueberry compote.
Blueberry syrup
Freshly applied: Still syrupy blueberries, then a sticky molasses scent.

Molasses with cooked blueberries
Drydown: The molasses fades slightly into a more manageable brown sugar scent. I can smell something that I recognize as a “muffin scent” but it’s not 100% realistic, a bit synthetic. I wasn’t expecting this but it REALLY settles into something gorgeous after a few minutes on the skin. It’s gentle blueberry syrup, light brown sugar, and a soft sweet muffin cake. Not yellow cake like Arcana or Solstice Scent’s cake notes, this is totally that dense ultra-soft Costco muffin blueberry cake thing. This went from meh to AMAZING in 2 minutes. Also the blueberry in this is not too sharp, like dried blueberries (the way OHWTO Victuals was on me) it’s like actual blueberries steeped with sugar and water, realistic and ultra sweet.

You know what's up
After several hours: The ultimate drydown is a fluffy vanilla blueberry muffin cake. It can get a teensy bit sharp/cloying depending on my skin chemistry that day, and I find layering it with a smooth vanilla solves that problem.

Longevity: Excellent (in the alcohol-based format.) This lasts all day.

Sillage: Very high, even after I wash hands, or after 8 hours have passed.

Would an [X] lover love this? Gourmand lovers need to try, especially blueberry fans. This is a very realistic syrupy blueberry, which is hard to find.

Would an [X] hater love this? It's VERY sweet, so someone who hates gourmands will most likely feel this is too sugary.

Where am I? Biting into a warmed-up Costco muffin with a glass of milk.

Where would I wear this? Daytime, weekend, even nighttime as it's quite strong and assertive. Even though this is part of their Spring/Summer catalog, I find it's more suitable to cooler weather.

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