Thursday, October 1, 2015

13 Gypsies Xocolatl Review

Brand: 13 Gypsies
Availability: General Catalog
Notes: cocoa absolute, patchouli, coffee

First impression out of bottle: Bitter roasted coffee with a hint of dark chocolate.

Freshly applied: DARK chocolate with earthy espresso and a twisted patchouli base.

Drydown: Dark chocolate coffee with more prominent chocolatey patchouli. This is an exquisite chocolate/coffee scent. It's not quite gourmand and not quite earthy. It smells like a very expensive 90% dark chocolate bar from Europe. 

Bittersweet, earthy dark chocolate and coffee
After several hours: Still the same expensive bitter cacao scent, much less coffee than when it was first applied. The coffee manifests as a bitter, roasted gritty dark smell, so it's almost indiscernible from the chocolate/patchouli. It's all just well blended together.
Dark, expensive chocolate with earthy herby patchouli

Longevity: Middling. lasts for 4ish hours before it turns soft.
Sillage: Medium until the 4 hour mark, then quite low. Never disappears completely though, which is nice.

Would an [X] lover love this? I think any patchouli lover will cackle like a happy witch over this blend. It highlights the awesomeness of patchouli without falling into the trap of mustiness/rubbery scents.

Would an [X] hater love this? I don't think of myself as a lover of patchouli, but this made me fall in love with it (along with Sixteen92's Wicked.) The patchouli makes this a true, earthy chocolate scent, where so many indie chocolate scents turn into Cocoa Puff/dusty Hershey bar nonsense.

Where am I? This smells EXACTLY like an expensive gift shop around Halloween time. The scent of some dark witchy candles and decorative herbs, mixed with expensive boxes of chocolates and the smell of freshly-ground coffee beans drifting over from the attached gift shop.

Smells like a Halloween emporium
Where would I wear this? It's work-appropriate as it's not too strong, but it's also wicked and twisted enough for a night out. I love this for cooler weather, but since it's got a nice earthiness, it doesn't smell weird in hot weather either.

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