Monday, October 5, 2015

Cocoa Pink Country Kitchen Review

Brand: Cocoa Pink
Availability: General Catalog Autumn/Winter (N/A in Spring/Summer)
Notes: With a slight chill in the air the delicious fragrances of cocoa and vanilla infused rum raisin cookies dipped in powdered sugar combined with just a touch of freshly baked bread warms you from the inside out.

First impression out of bottle: Sweet buttery bakery scent

Freshly applied: Buttery baked goods scent at first, a lot like Potluck. The wheaty bread note starts to come out, and it really reminds me of whole grain levain. 

Lovely crisp and chewy brown bread
Drydown: Still mostly brown bread with a hint of something sweet. I was expecting a more sweet rich cookie scent than the predominantly-bread one I'm getting. I don't smell any raisin really. I get a hint of powdered sugar mixed with cocoa powder and just an eensy pinch of spice.

After several hours: Soft baked bread with a bit of cocoa sweetness. I think I prefer this to Potluck. There isn't a strong butter presence, so it's mainly soft brown bread and some small hints of dessertyness. Yummy! Almost makes me think of Le Pain Quotidien's amazing cocoa spread that you can put on their delicious bread. (Chocolate makes me rhyme, apparently?)

Longevity: High

Sillage: Medium

Would an [X] lover love this? This is a weird one. I'm a gourmand lover and ended up enjoying this A LOT. But I was iffy at first. I like how the bread note mingles with the cocoa note in the drydown. At first it was all bread on me, and I wasn't sure about it.

Would an [X] hater love this? It's kind of a subtle, strange gourmand that grows on you. If you find most gourmands are too sweet, this one might be interesting to you. Even the drydown with the chocolatey bits isn't overly dessert-like.

Where am I? Sitting in Le Pain Quotidien, ordering bread with a side of more bread.

Where would I wear this? This is a really comforting scent, but it's also wearable for work or out on the weekends. Not a sexy nighttime perfume, but otherwise I think this is pretty versatile. 

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