Monday, October 5, 2015

Cocoa Pink Pink Bonfire Review

Brand: Cocoa Pink
Availability: General Catalog Autumn/Winter (N/A in Spring/Summer)
Notes: The delicious aroma of Pink Sugar mingling with the sweet presence of bonfire smoke and burning leaves.

First impression out of bottle: Sweet woodsmoke

Freshly applied: Realistic woodsmoke and pine resin

Drydown: Fluffy sweet Pink Sugar emerges (hello darling) and mingles perfectly with the sweet and sour smell of burning leaves and wood. This is such a weirdly perfect mix of sweet with earthy. I was expecting this to be heavy on the Pink Sugar, but I'd say it's 35% Pink Sugar with the rest being that awesome bonfire scent. The bonfire is very similar to Long Winter Farm Campfire, a little fresh and damp, a little hot and smoky. 

After several hours: Sweet smokiness, more woodsy and less damp/earthy/leafy than before. 

Longevity: High

Sillage: High

Would an [X] lover love this? Anyone who enjoys cotton candy, Pink Sugar or its dupes, Black Sugar from Sixteen92, or bonfire scents should try this. It's a very interesting take on a theme and I love it.

Would an [X] hater love this? People who hate sweet or smoky scents might find this blah. I think the smoke and earthiness is tempered by the sweet sugar, so if you found some common campfire/smoke scents went weird on you, this could be your solution.

Where am I? Wearing Pink Sugar perfume, on a date to sit by a bonfire. Smells like holding hands as a teenager after a night spent outdoors.

Where would I wear this? On a date or on the weekend. Even for daytime, probably, as I wear things like Solstice Scents Smoky Mountain Mallow wherever, whenever (we're meant to be together...)

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