Monday, October 5, 2015

Cocoa Pink Golden Morning Review

Brand: Cocoa Pink
Availability: General Catalog Autumn/Winter (N/A in Spring/Summer)
Notes: Cool vanilla wrapped around honeyed, pale pumpkin gently grounded with white oak, tonka bean finished with the barest hint of copal.

First impression out of bottle: Honey

Freshly applied: Sweet honey and copal resin.

Drydown: Oh wow, this is heavenly. It smells like a NAVA perfume- like a shop full of Egyptian antiquities. It smells like honeyed resins and fine earthy woodsy notes. I get no pumpkin really- just creaminess. The tonka and oak combine to make a gorgeous woodsy background, but the main attractions are the sweet vanilla, honey, and copal.

After several hours: Still the same. Very perfumey and lush. Like I said, reminds me of NAVA, and actually also of some old BPAL perfumes I remember. Really sexy, mature, sweet, and elegant. Totally unlike some of Cocoa Pink's foodie/youthful offerings.

Sweet, resinous, woodsy like a romanticized library in Egypt

Longevity: High

Sillage: Very high.

Would an [X] lover love this? I think anyone who's a fan of sweet resinous scents would enjoy this. It's quite feminine, which isn't necessarily the case for many woodsy/resin scents, but it's so beautiful. Also I may add that the honey scent in this is not really ostentatious. Indie honeys are tough and I have had my fair share go plasticky/soapy on me but this honey wraps around the vanilla and wood notes so perfectly. 

Would an [X] hater love this? I think people who dislike resiny/syrupy scents will find this to be too strong to their liking. It settles into a very perfumed scent, so it's not a "natural" woodsy scent.

Where am I? Helping Rachel Weisz sort through ancient manuscripts.

Where would I wear this? I would wear this primarily in colder weather, and it could go either way in terms of day or night. A bit too syrupy/perfumey for warm weather though.

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