Thursday, September 24, 2015

Possets Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice Review

Brand: Possets
Availability: Limited Edition (Possets RETOUR)
Notes: Incense smoke, copal resin, red fruit rich in iron scent, and the background of cacao and jungle atmosphere of greenery.

First impression out of bottle: EEP! Strong like sharp red fruit (almost like beets mixed with tomatoes mixed with strawberries? like a hipster juice made of these.) 

Sharp red fruit
Freshly applied: Yeah this smells like beets and a hint of iron (a gritty smell, not like blood but a bit rusty.) It smells like spicy greenery too, like a tomato plant. A hint of sweetness.

Drydown: Strong sweet beet juice, green like you pressed some of the leaves along with the root itself. A little tart and bright, very vegetal, like a raw smoothie/juice. There’s a bit of gritty cacao. I ADORE THIS. It’s super weird and super oddball and yet I love it. 

Sweet, spicy beet juice with some greenery

After several hours: The smoke is coming out heavily now, along with the incense. Oh man this really feels like the opening/initial drydown was the bloodletting, and this is like a few hours after the ceremony, when the priest comes in to clean up the mess and blow out all the candles. Gorgeous and sexy in a dirty way. I’m not a person who likes weird/unwearable scents, but this hits ALL the right unusual/beautiful notes. 

Smoky extinguished candle scent emerges

Longevity: High

Sillage: Medium/high- If I smell my wrist, it's all raw beet juice and smoke, but from a distance, I keep catching this sensual, weird sweet scent and then realizing, it's me! I love how this wafts. It's gentler from a distance.

Would an [X] lover love this? This is one you just have to try. If you loved Eternal Return from Sixteen92, you will like this I think. There's a hint of beet in E.R. and here it's front and center. Urgh. So good. 

Would an [X] hater love this? I hate green scents, and this is like all the good things about green with none of the bad things. It smells like a wild jungle and oozing bloody beets, but not grassy or cologne-y. The smoke and incense are woven very subtly into the mix, and it's all just perfect. But like I said, this is one you just have to try. You'll never know until you sample. 

Where am I? 
Either a hipster juice bar, or maybe like Dwight Schrute's kitchen after he juices some beets. 

Where would I wear this? I'm wearing it at work right now, but I’d definitely wear this out at night, maybe for a girls’ night when I want men to leave me alone and I want to smell powerful.

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